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SAMUEL E. WAUGAMAN, farmer and dairyman of Rayburn township, Armstrong county, belongs to an old settled family of that portion of the county, and was born May 27, 1860, in Valley township, near Slagles.

George Waugaman, his grandfather, came to Armstrong county from Westmoreland county, Pa., settling in Valley township on a tract which was then all in the woods. He built a log house and there reared his family. The history of Armstrong county published in 1883 says that there was quite a large body of vacant land, as presented on the map of original tracts, extending from the southern line of the eastern portion of "Mexico," and a portion of this was settled by George Waugaman in 1811, with forty acres of which, with one horse and cow, and as a weaver, he was first assessed the next year at $34. His warrant for 201 acres, 113 perches is dated Feb. 22, and the survey March 3, 1836. He lived and died there, passing away at the age of eighty-two years. In politics he was originally a George Washington Democrat, and in religion he adhered to the faith of the Reformed Church. His children were: John, Andrew, Peter, George, Philip, Susan (Mrs. Schreckenberger), Katie (married) and Mrs. Schotts (deceased).

Andrew Waugaman, son of George, was born in the same place in Valley township as his son Samuel. He remained on the old homestead all his life, owning 112 acres. He married Rebecca Truby, who was born in Armstrong county and reared in Kittanning. Her father, Michael Truby, built the old stone house now owned by members of the Colwell family (Charles Colwell and family), conducting it and also a blacksmith shop; he owned the farm. His children were: Philip, Daniel, Henry, Isabella (Mrs. Samuel Elgin), Rebecca (Mrs. Waugaman), Eve (Mrs. Jacob Buckley), Lavina (Mrs. Jacob Rarroich), Mary Ann (Mrs. James Campbell) and Susanna (Mrs. Altman). Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Waugaman had the following chidren: Michael T., who is deceased; George Washington, who resides at New Kensington, Pa., Philip H., of Kittanning; William A., of Iowa; Mary, who died when two years old; Catherine, who died aged twenty-three years; Sarah J., who married George Tarr, and is now a widow residing at Pittsburgh; Amanda, widow of Jacob Altman, residing at Pittsburgh.

Samuel E. Waugaman passed his early years at the old Waugaman homestead, was married there, and a short time afterward moved from that place to Pine township, this county, where he was engaged as a teamster for lumbering concerns. Remaining there four months, he went to Cowanshannock, in Rayburn township, where he was located for about one year, engaged in farming and teaming. He then removed to Manor townsip, this county, where he remained a year, following farming, thence going to Kittanning. He worked at a furnace there for a year and a half, at the end of that time moving back to Rayburn township, where he lived on the Finley farm for one year, during which time he mined and farmed. He then went back to Kittanning borough, where he worked at the furnace for six months. The mill closing he moved to Reynoldsville, where he resided for eighteen months, working in a sawmill and mining coal. Again he went to Kittanning, where he was employed at mining for the Kittanning Iron Company one year. His next move was to Bethel township, this county, where he farmed for Mrs. Reyolds, being thus engaged for four years and four months. Thence he moved to the Chaplin farm in Manor township, where he followed general farming and dairying for four years, and from that place moved to his present home in Rayburn township. After a residence of six years here he took his family out to Iowa, where he settled on a farm hear Eddyville, with his brother William A. Waugaman. He farmed there for seven months, and returning to Pennsylvania settled in Valley township, buying a tract of ten acres where he followed truck farming for the next three years. He then returned to the home he now occupies, which was originally the Judge Nulton farm and afterward bought by Simeon Truby, a cousin of Mr. Waugaman's mother, Rebecca (Truby) Waugaman. Here, Mr. Waugaman has acquired 220 acres of valuable land, where he carries on general faming pursuits and dairying. He is one of the most prosperous farmers of the section, and has succeeded by industrous and systematic methods and careful management. He has devoted most of his time to his own affairs and has never aspired to public honors, but his fellow citizens, in recognition of his high integrity and ability, have elected him auditor of the township. He votes with the Republican party on political issues. He is a member of the Reformed Church.

Mr. Waugaman married Mary M. Mechling, who was born Dec. 9, 1867, in Valley township, daughter of William W. Mechling, and they have had four children: William A., born Feb. 23, 1885, maried Sarah Maud Nulton, daughter of Edward Nulton; Sarah Zelma, born April 19, 1887, married G. B. Vensel, who resides in Manor township, and they have three children, Marietta, Meltey Waugaman and James Bowling; Mary Agnes, born Aug. 24, 1890, married J. B. Walker, of Valley township, and has one child, Mary Margaret; Jennie Maud, born Aug. 26, 1898, is at home.

Source: Page ??  Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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