Joseph M Schrecengost


JOSEPH M. SCHRECENGOST, a farmer of Rayburn township who has passed all his life in this section of Armstrong county, was born Feb 15, 1845, in Valley township, where the family has long been settled.

Coonrod Schrecengost, his great-grandfather, was a native of Germany, who came to Pennsylvania and settled in an eastern county, where he remained a short time. He then came to Kittanning township, Armstrong County, where he purchased a farm and followed farming and his trade of gunsmith until his death. He spent considerable time in hunting. He was a Federalist in politics and a member of the Lutheran Church. He and his wife, whose maiden name was Zortman, had a family of nine children, six sons and three daughters, among whom were Daniel and Benjamin.

Benjamin Schrecengost, grandfather of Joseph M., was born in Switzerland and was an early settler in Kittanning. He was a miller by occupation, and built what is known as the old Red Mill and Stone House, grinding grist for all the old pioneers of his locality. Later he followed farming. He lived to be eighty-two years old. He was a Whig and Republican in his political views, and a member of the Lutheran Church, his wife belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Her maiden name was Susanna Oury, and she was of Armstrong county. Their children, all now deceased, were as follows: Elizabeth, Mrs. Heilman; George; Polly, Mrs. Schaffer; Daniel; Joseph J., born April 29, 1829, who died May 30, 1910; Margaret, Mrs. McAfoos; Isaac, who married Catherine King, and Susanna, Mrs. Cook.

George Schrecengost, son of Benjamin, was born Feb. 2, 1815, in Kittanning township, at the Red Mill, and he followed milling and farming throughout the active years of his long life. He spent the greater part of his life in Kittanning and Valley townships, settling on a farm in the latter township which was then principally in the woods. He cleared up a farm, and became one the substantial and respected citizens of his locality, serving as school director of this township. In politics he was a Whig and Republican, in religion a member of the Lutheran Church. His death occurred about 1900. His wife, Hannah (Cravener), daughter of George and Regina (Yont) Cravener, old settlers of Valley township, died about 1898, at the age of sixty-nine years. Mr. and Mrs. George Schrecengost had children as follows: Benjamin Ury (deceased), David Alexander (deceased) Daniel Levi (deceased), Joseph Mosgrove, Sarah Ann (deceased), George Cravener (deceased), Samuel Peter, Mary Elizabeth, William Love, Isaac Adam (deceased), and Hannah Susannah.

Joseph M. Schrecengost grew to manhood on the farm and received his education in the local common schools. His has been a farmer all his life. After his marriage he and his wife settled on a farm in Cowanshannock township, this county, thence moving to there present home in Rayburn township in 1897. Here Mr. Schrecengost has since devoted his time and attention to general farming, prospering in his work by dint of well-applied energy, up-to-date methods and efficient management. He is recognized as an able man by his fellow citizens, who have honored him with election to various position of trust, his services a school director and supervisor while in Cowanshannock township giving general satisfaction. In politics he is a Republican. His religious connection is with the Reformed Church.

On Dec. 21, 1864, Mr. Schrecengost was married to Nancy Hill, who was born in Westmoreland county, Pa., daughter of John H. and Catherine Hill, and ten children have been born to this union: John E., Emma Jane (who is deceased), James Park (deceased), Samuel George, Joseph Frank, David Edward, Warren Grant, Benjamin Whitmore, Ida Catherine and William Bruce.

Source: Pages 692-693. Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J. H. Beers Co., 1914.
Transcribed September 1998 by Carl Waltenbaugh for the Armstrong County Beers Project.
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