EVAN M. QUEEN, of Queenstown, Armstrong County, belongs to a family which has been prominent in the development of business interests in that locality for over half a century. The family was founded in this county by his grandfather, James Queen, who came from Ireland and settled in Sugar Creek township.

John Queen, father of Evan M. Queen, was born July 29, 1815, in Sugar Creek township, where he lived until a youth of fifteen or eighteen years. He then went to the State of Mississippi, and remained there a few years, returning to Armstrong County, Pa., where he married and passed the remainder of his life. It was about 1849 that he located at what is now know as Queenstown and built a large flour mill there, known as the Queenstown Flour Mill, which he conducted until 1867, at which time he sold out to Jacob Mildren & Company. He was also extensively interested in real estate, laying out and selling town lots, and taking much interest in the development of the town. He was always prominent in its affairs, serving as mayor and in several minor offices, and was one of the leading men of the locality for a number of years. After selling him mill he withdrew to some extent from active business connections, but he continued to look after his oil interests. By trade he was a carpenter. On March 24, 1846, he was married at Brady's Bend to Mary E. Evans, who was born May 21, 1822 at Merthyr Tydvill, Wales and died March 11, 1910. Mr. Queen's heath occurred Nov. 11, 1897, and they are both buried in the Brady's Bend cemetery. They attended the Presbyterian Church, and he was a Democrat on political questions. Seven children were born to this union: Mollie E., born Jan. 15, 1849, died in June 1911; Evan M. is mentioned below; Daniel, born Oct. 18, 1852, died in November 1911; Emmet was born July 17, 1854; John J., born Aug. 22, 1856, die in 1864; Annie Kate, born May 22, 1860, died in October 1864; Maggie, born Sept. 9, 1862 died the same month.

Evan Evans, father of Mrs. John queen, was a native of Wales where he lived until after his marriage. He settled with his family in this section of Armstrong County, where he was a well-known iron builder, having constructed the Brady's Bend furnace. He married Elizabeth Morgan, and the following children were born to them in Wales: Daniel, born Feb. 5, 1825, who died April 23, 1891, was engaged in the oil and gas fields and at the furnace. Evan, born May 3, 1827, who died June 18, 1873, at Queenstown, was engaged as a merchant there. Annie born May 4, 1829, became the wife of Richard Jennings, of Brady's Bend, and died Sept. 17, 1849. Mary E. married John Queen. Catherine, born May 19, 1832, was married April 9, 1851, to Richard Jennings (who first married her sister Annie), and died May 15, 1907.

Evan M. Queen was born Dec. 7, 1850, at Queenstown, where he passed the greater part of his life. He received his education here, in the public schools, and when a young man engaged in the mercantile business, continuing same until 1877, when in company with his brothers Daniel and Emmet, under the firm name of Queen Brothers, he engaged in the gas and oil business, drilling and testing wells, and producing both commodities. Since the death of Daniel Queen, Evan M. and Emmet have continued the business in partnership, having extensive oil, gas, iron and other interest. They have not confined their energies to local operations, having acquired interests in large organizations, which have proved very successful. They organized the Great Lakes Coal company, of Brady' Bend township, and the Western Allegheny Railroad Company, Emmet Queen being president of both companies and Evan M. Queen land agent. Their operations have been of much importance in the development of this section, and the substantial basis upon which their affairs have been places is sufficient evidence of their conservative policy and far-seeing business ability.

In May, 1910, Evan M. Queen married LaVilla R. McCready, a native of Pittsburgh, Pa., daughter of James Alexander and Josephine (Rawlins) McCready, of Sharon, Pa. (they have a home at Youngstown, Ohio). Mr. and Mrs. Queen have no children. Ever since their marriage they have lived at Queenstown, occupying the old Queen place, formerly owned by his father. At present Mr. Queen is not actively interested in politics or public affairs, though he is always willing to give his influence and support to worthy movements. He is a Democrat on political issues.

Source: Pages 369-370, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
Transcribed March 2002 by Helen B. Miller for the Armstrong County Beers Project
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