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FRED C. MOHNEY, poultry raiser and farmer of Rayburn township, Armstrong county, was born in Red Bank township, this county, Aug. 2, 1858, son of Lewis S. and Rebecca (Shick) Mohney. His great- grand-father, Jonathan Mohney, who founded the family in America, was born in Germany, and on coming to this country settled with his wife in Clarion county, Pa. He was a member of the Reformed Church, the family establishing the first Reformed Church in Clarion county, and his descendants adhere to the same faith. In politics the men of this family have all been Democrats.

Adam Mohney, son of Jonathan, was the grandfather of Fred C. Mohney. He owned a large tract of land in Red Bank Township, where New Bethlehem, Hawthorn, Fairmount, etc., are located. His death occurred in 1832. His children were as follows: John who died in Clarion county in 1910, at the age of ninety-two years; Jonathan; Adam; Fred; Susan; Mrs. Hartsell, and Lewis S.

Lewis S. Mohney, son of Adam was born in Red Bank township, Clarion county, in 1824, and died at the age of seventy-seven years. He died at the home of his son F. C. Mohney, in Kittaning. He enlisted in the support of the Union cause during the Civil war, but was never called upon to serve. Mr. Mohney married Rebecca Shick, who was married Aug. 20, 1827, in Red Bank township, Armstrong county, and died at the age of sixty-eight years, at Hawthorn, Clarion county. They had the following children: Jacob, who died at Kittaning; Dr. Adam M., who died in Clarion county; William, who died in the West; Fred C.; Dr. Christ, who died in Clarion county; Lizzie, Mrs. Jud. McMillan, of Punxsutawney, Pa., where she died; Charles, who died in Oklahoma; Christina, John and Monroe, all of whom died in infancy.

Fred C. Mohney grew to manhood at Hawthorn, Clarion county, Pa., where his father had a store, moving there in 1865. He learned the trade of carpenter, and for many years was employed at such work in Kittaning, where for nineteen years he was employed by the American Planning Mill Company, becoming foreman in the planning mill. He became quite well known in that Borough, serving as member of the city council, and won the confidence of his fellow citizens to such an extent that in 1908 he was elected county auditor, giving highly credible service in both capacities. He moved from the borough to engage in the poultry business, buying a piece of land in Rayburn township one mile from Kittanning, a valuable property of twenty-four acres to which he has since given the greater part of his time and attention. He built a fine brick house there, and has made many other improvements on the place. He is specially interested in poultry, raising White Leghorn, and Rhode Island Red stock. The work required scientific care and constant application, but is an excellent field for a progressive and enterprising worker, and Mr. Mohney has done very well in all of his undertakings.

In 1882 Mr. Mohney was married to Rebecca R. Emhoff, who was born Jan. 12, 1862, in Jefferson county, and when quite young moved to Armstrong county with her parents, John and Sarah (Mohney) Emhoff, the family settling on a farm three miles from New Bethlehem. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Mohney: Lloyd, born March 7, 1883, is engaged as a druggist at Kittaning; in 1913 he married Jane Ann McIlwain. Olive E., born Jan 12, 1886, died May 27, 1913; she was the wife of Henry C. Holly. from Pittsburgh, now employed as electrician at Ford City by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

Source: Pages 892-893, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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