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MINICH FAMILY- The Minich family has long been associated with this section of Pennsylvania, and many of its representatives have made their homes in upper Armstrong county and the adjoining portion of Jefferson county for years.

Peter Minich, the grandfather of Jacob Minich, of Ringgold township, Jefferson county, was born in Northumberland county, Pa., toward the close of the eighteenth century, and moved to Ringgold township, Jefferson Co., Pa., in 1830. By trade he was a blacksmith, and also followed farming, and upon moving to Jefferson county located on the property now known as the John Minich farm. Peter Minich married Catherine Shade, and to their marriage came the following children: Henry is mentioned at length below; Polly married a Mr. Haines and (second) Henry Shelly; Jacob was married twice, his second wife being Catherine Hollenback; Lucetta married John Hess; Elizabeth married John Ceist, of Ringgold township; Simon married Mary Borcious. The father of those children died in 1858, when he was about sixty years old, and he and his wife are laid to rest in the grounds of the Reformed Church at North Freedom.

Henry Minich, son of Peter Minich, was born in Northumberland county, Pa., in 1814, and came to Ringgold township, Jefferson township, Pa., with his father when sixteen years old. After living there for two years he returned to his old home and married Catherine Harter, of Northumberland county, by whom he had the following children: Ssamuel, Polly, Lucetta, Elizabeth, Catherine, Jesta, Sarah, and Henry. The mother of these died and later Mr. Minich married (second) Matilda Young , a daughter of William Young. They had these children: Levina, Jacob, John, Miranda, Rachel, Ida, Louisa, Robert, Grant, Elmer, Vernie, Cora, and one child who was stillborn. Henry Minich settled on the tract of land now owned by his son, Grant Minich, and carried on general farming on his property, which consisted of 210 acres. He was a successful man. When he died his farm was divided into five portions, but later was bought up and divided into three parts by his sons, John, Grant and Elmer. In addition to farming Henry Minich also engaged in blacksmithing, being active until within a short time of his death, when he was obliged to retire on account of advancing years. Politically he was a Republican during his latter years, and he served very capably as supervisor, school director and in other township offices. For many years he was a member of the United Evangelical Church of North Freedom. He is buried in the graveyard of the Evangelical association in Jefferson county, together with his second wife, his first wife having been laid to rest in the Reformed Church graveyard at North Freedom. The death of this excellent man occurred in January, 1890, when he was seventy-six years old, and his demise was mourned by the many who knew and appreciated him. For many years he was a leading man of his locality, and his principles were of the sturdy, upright kind that makes for honorable manhood and true Christianity.

JACOB MINICH, son of Henry Minich, was born April 6, 1854, in Ringgold township, Jefferson Co., Pa. His boyhood was passed in his native township, where he attended the district schools, and he assisted his father with the farm duties, also working for his father in the lumber woods. In 1878 he moved to Knox township, Jefferson Co., Pa., there clearing a tract of 175 acres of timber. In 1899 he came to Armstrong county, although he continued his lumbering interests in Jefferson and Clarion counties, remaining here until 1911, when he returned to Jefferson county, and is now living on and conducting a seven-acre tract at North Freedom, although practically retired. In addition to his other operations, Mr. Minich conducted a sawmill in Knox township, Jefferson county, for sixteen years, and was successful in this line as he had been in others. Few men understand lumbering so thoroughly as he, for when he began working in the woods he built himself a frame house there and lived in the midst of his operations. In addition to his home property, Mr. Minich owns 140 acres of land in Armstrong county, three other tracts of 211, 100 and 140 acres, respectively, and 175 acres in Knox township.

Jacob Minich married Rebecca Holben, a daughter of Jacob and Amelia (Doverspike) Holben, of Langville, Jefferson county, and they have had the following children: James M. is mentioned below; Robert married Elizabeth Mitchell, of Clarion county, Pa. ; Sarah married T.T. Roebuck, of Jefferson county; Charles married Pearl Boozer of Clarion county ; Emma married R.W. Shick, of Clarion county ; Thomas Jacob and Nellie Matilda both died in childhood.

Politically Jacob Minich is a Republican, and he held the office of school director and supervisor in Armstrong county. Formerly, he was a member of the American Mechanics and Grangers of Jefferson county. For years he has been a member of the United Evangelical Church of North Freedom, which he has served as trustee, steward and Sunday school treasurer. During his long and useful life Jacob Minich has lived up to his sense of right and given to each man what he felt was a fair deal. Few men stand as high among those with whom they are associated as does Mr. Minich, and his prosperity has been honorably gained through steadfast endeavor.

HOLBEN. Jacob Holben, father-in-law of Jacob Minich, was born in Armstrong county, where he died March 30, 1911, aged seventy-eight years, ten months, twenty-five days. His wife, Amelia (Doverspike) Holben, died Jan. 14, 1908, aged seventy-two years, one month, seventeen days. Their children were: Jennie, who died young; Annie, who married Jacob Miller, of Oak Ridge; Rebecca (Mrs. Minich) , who was born in Armstrong county, Pa., April 14, 1857, and was educated in the schools of her home township; Catherine, who married John Shaffer, of New Bethlehem; Ellen, who married Adam Wills; Sarah, who married John Wills, a brother of Adam Wills; Emma, who married G.W. Reddinger, of Armstrong county; Caroline, who married David Reddinger, of Clarion county; Tina, who married James Schlegel, of New Bethlehem; Grant, who married Jennie Yundt, of Ringgold township: Margaret, Mrs. Frick, of Ohio; and Jacob and Harvey William, both of whom died young.

Mr. Holben was a farmer, and carried on extensive operations in Red Bank township. When his country had need of his services, although he was married at the time, he enlisted and served for three years, participating in many important battles. Returning home he resumed farming thus continuing until within eight years of his death, when he moved to South Bethlehem, Armstrong county, where he rounded out his useful life. A Republican, he held all the township offices, and also acted as an administrator and executor in the settlement of many estates. In religious matters he was a member of the New Salem United Evangelical Church, but attended the Methodist Church before he died.

JAMES M. MINICH, a son of Jacob Minich, is a farmer of Red Bank township, Armstrong county. He was born in Ringgold township, Jefferson county, near the John Minich home, Jan. 8, 1876. After attending public school in both Jefferson and Armstrong counties, he worked for his father until he was twenty-four years old, when he began farming for himself, and now carries on general farming very successfully.

James M. Minich married Mrs. Ida E. (Snyder) Mitchell, who was born March 21, 1878, and educated in the schools of Jefferson county. She is a daughter of John H. and Lydia (Powell) Snyder, of Jefferson county, and widow of J. Mitchell. The latter was born Nov. 23, 1872 , died Sept. 22, 1899, leaving one child, Fern, born May 2, 1896. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell were married April 11, 1895. Mr. and Mrs. Minich have had three children, Texas, born Jan. 10, 1901; Leon, born Jan. 4, 19__: and Juanita.

Mr. Minich is a Republican, but has not sought office. For years he has been a member of the Grange in Jefferson county. In religious connection he is a member of the United Evangelical Church at North Freedom, and has served as teacher in the Sunday school. In every respect he is a reliable, trustworthy man, and his standing in his community is due to his own worth, and a credit to those with whom he is connected by ties of relationship or business.

SNYDER. George Snyder, grandfather of Mrs. James M. Minich, was a farmer and local preacher. He married a Moss Mohney, and lived for years at Pine Run (Petersburg), Jefferson Co., Pa. He and his wife had seventeen children, among them being: John, Freeman, George, Abraham, William, Simon, Catherine, Polly, Christopher, Jane, Hulda and Eva Ann. Politically he was a Democrat, but did not care for office. The United Evangelical Church had in him not only a faithful member, but a preacher as well, and he served the people when a regualr minister was absent and was superintendent of the Sunday school connected with the church for many years. His death occurred when he was eighty-one years old, and he is buried at Petersburg, Jefferson Co. , Pennsylvania.

John H. Snyder, son of George Snyder, was born in Jefferson county, Pa., Jan. 27, 1842, and died Dec. 9, 1908. Growing up in Jefferson county he attended public school and remained upon his father´┐Żs farm until young manhood. He then bought a small tract of land in his native county, but soon sold it to purchase a larger one of 105 acres, which he operated for seventeen years. Still later he bought a farm in Armstrong county, and he spent his last days at North Freedom, but died while on a visit to his daughter of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

John H. Snyder married Lydia Powell, of Jefferson county, born Jan. 4, 1847, and they had children as follows: Mary, who married J. H. Boozer; Sophia, who married P.C. Boozer, a brother; Eliza, who married Amos Harmon, of Kansas; Wesley, who died young; Charles, who married Emma Yundt, and lives at North Freedom; Minnie, who married O.J. Rauger, of Swissvale; Jesse, who married Emma Shirey, of Jefferson county; Ida E., who married James M. Minich; James who married Otie Wise, of Jefferson county; Craig, who married Sadie Reddinger, of Oakland, Armstrong county; and Mervin, who married Bessie Wise of Jefferson county.

Mr. Snyder was a Democrat, and was elected on his party ticket to supervisor. He attended the Methodist Church in Ringgold township. His widow survived until Jan. 8, 1911.

Source: Pages 861-863, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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