ROBERT H. MEGRAW, for several years successfully engaged as an architect at Kittanning, was born in Allegheny City, Pa., May 1, 1858, son of Richard B. and Jane (Hughey) Megraw.

Richard B. Megraw was one of the leading contractors and builders of Allegheny City and Pittsburgh, and well and favorably known throughout western Pennsylvania as a highly respected citizen and public-spirited man. His death occurred in 1871.

Robert H. Megraw was educated in the public schools of Allegheny City and Belle View, Pa. In young manhood he learned the trade of stonecutting, and for about two years worked at that trade, after which he was an apprentice to that of a carpenter for four years. He was then engaged at carpentry and building for about fifteen years, and in the meantime developed his natural talent for architecture by study, until sufficiently familiar with the profession to adopt it. When he first branched out as an architect he became superintendent of the original car shop building at Swissvale, now the Union switch and signal works. From 1892 he has given all his attention to architecture, and for a time was located at Jeannette, Pa., but later moved to New Kensington, Westmoreland Co., Pa., after two years there returning to Allegheny City for a year. In 1905 he opened his place of business in Kittanning, settling in the county in 1906, and for a time he was associated in a business way with the Philadelphia Gas Company. Among the plans he has furnished are those for the Stein hotel, the Colwell & Arnold office building, and several modern residences of Kittanning. He is thoroughly abreast of the times in his work, and is a recognized expert in his profession.

A prominent Republican, Mr. Megraw was in 1905 elected to represent his district in the State Assembly, his victory at the polls being a surprise to many, as he was opposed by the powerful local organization, but his personal popularity and high moral standing brought him ahead of his ticket. His legislative record proves that the confidence the people had in him was not misplaced, and stands to his credit. Mr. Megraw was nominated for a second term, but his enemies prevented his reelection.

In 1907 Mr. Megraw was married to Martha Banks, daughter of John Banks, of Armstrong county. Mr. Megraw is a member of the United Presbyterian Church, which he serves as an elder.

Source: Pages 788, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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