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ROBERT MARTIN, justice of the peace, is still living on his farm in Boggs township, Armstrong county, though he has retired from active work. He has been a resident of that place since 1852. Mr. Martin was born in Lancaster county, Pa., Aug. 31, 1832, son of Robert and Margaret (Wasson) Martin and grandson of Francis Martin.

Francis Martin was a native of Ireland and was twice married, both his wives dying there. To his first union were born Robert, John and Stephen, and to the second another son, Thuey. In 1800 Francis Martin and his sons John and Stephen came to America, locating in Philadelphia.

Robert Martin, son of Francis, was born in Ireland and remained in that country until after his marriage. In 1828 he came to this country, settling in Lancaster county, Pa., and there his children were born, viz.: John; Robert; Francis, and Hannah. This family farmed in Lancaster county for twenty-five years, and after the children were all grown moved to Armstrong county, the father buying the place in Boggs township now occupied by his son Robert in 1852. Game was still plentiful in the neighborhood at that time. There were few improvements on the property, and the house was an old log building, but under their industrious and energetic management it was transformed into a valuable farm, and it continues to this day to be one of the best places in the township. There Mr. Martin died in1868, aged seventy years, his wife surviving until 1887; she reached the age of ninety-two. Mr. Martin was a Democrat in his political views.

Robert Martin, son of Robert, received his education in Lancaster county. He always remained at home, assisting his father, and eventually took over the home place in Boggs township, which he has continued to operate to the present time, though he does not attend to the arduous work now. The fine buildings now standing on this tract were built by him. He is one of the substantial and reliable citizens of his section, one who is looked to for assistance in local affairs, has been particularly interested in the welfare of the schools in his district, and has held many of the township offices, still serving as justice of the peace. He has been quite prominent as a worker in the Democratic party, and in religious matters is identified with the Presbyterian Church, to which his parents also belonged.

In 1888 Mr. Martin was married to Isabella McKinley, a native of Armstrong county, daughter of James and Isabella (Dinsmore) McKinley, both of whom were natives of Ireland. Mrs. Martin died in 1889, at the age of thirty-four years. She left no children.


Source: Pages 827-828, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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