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PETER KERR, superintendent of the Kittanning district for the T. W. Phllips Gas & Oil Company, is the first to hold that position in this field, which includes Indiana, Jefferson and Armstrong counties, Pennsylvania.

He is a native of Armstrong county, born at Worthington, March 26, 1860, son of Peter and Rachel (Henry) Kerr. The father was born in Scotland, in 1814, and came to America before his marriage, when twenty-two years old. Until 1849 he was engaged principally as a boatman on the Allegheny river, and he was afterward engaged at farming in Worthington, this county, where he died at the age of ninety-two years; he is buried in the Worthington cemetery. He was a member of the United Presbyterian Church, and a Republican in politics, in which he took an active interest. It is worthy of note that the two brothers, who settled with him at Worthington, William and Nevin, twins, outlived him, William dying at the age of ninety-five years and the latter at the age of ninety-seven. At first they held their land in common, but it was afterward equally divided. Their father came to America in 1860, and lived with them at Worthington until his death, which occurred when he was ninety-three years old. All are buried in the Worthington cemetery. They were progressive men, and about 1870, when the field at Oil City was opened, became engaged to some extent in oil operations. They were all members of the United Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Rachel (Henry) Kerr, wife of Peter Kerr, Sr., was born in Ireland, and was three years old when brought to America. She died at the age of seventy-four years. To Mr. and Mrs. Kerr were born four sons and one daughter, of which family three still survive.

Peter Kerr, fourth child in the family of Peter and Rachel (Henry) Kerr, was brought up at Worthington, where he received a common school education, attending until sixteen years old. In 1900 he entered the employ of the T. W. Philips Gas & Oil Company, previous to which time he had a varied experience in different oil fields of Pennsylvania. In his present capacity he opened the Kittanning office, and his services with this concern have been highly satisfactory. He sold his homestead in 1909.

In 1884 Mr. Kerr married Emma Herron, and they have four children: Thomas H., Nora G., Arthur J. and Mary Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr lived at Worthington until 1906, when they removed to Kittanning, and in 1908 he erected the home at No. 613 Woodward avenue, Wickboro, which they have since occupied. He is a member of the United Presbyterian Church, and in politics has been associated with the Washington party, but he has never held office or taken an active part in such affairs.

Source: Pages 829-830, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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