Campbell, Alexander B.
Daniel McKenzie Campbell
Campbell Family
Campbell, Irwin T
Campbell, J.W..
Campbell, Jacob C.
Campbell, Oren C
Campbell, Robert R.
Campbell, Samuel
Capano, Saverio
Carroll, L.A. Rev Father
Cathcart, Samuel B
Christy, James R
Christy, Washington R
Clark, Austin
Clark Family
Clark, George W.
Clark, James D
Clark, Omar C
Claypool, James S
Claypool, Robert C
Claypoole, James E
Clever, George H
Clouse, George Washington
Cochran, Camden C.
Cochran, Erwin E.
Cochran, John Dick
Cochran, Levi G.
Cochran, William
Colwell, Charles
Colwell, Henry A
Cook, George W
Cook, Levi G
Copley, Josiah
Corbett, Homer E.
Corbett, Norvin A.
Corbett, Worthington W.
Core, D. H.
Core, D. H.
Cornell, Thomas G.
Coulter, A.L.
Coulter, D.B.
Coulter, J.R.
Coyle, Bernard
Craig, C. C.
Craig Family
Cratty, Obadiah
Crisman, Levi F
Crosby Family
Crosby, John W
Crouch, Wallace H.
Cunningham, T. A..
Cupps, W. D.

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