CARL M. HUGHES, who carries on general farming in Rayburn township, Armstrong county, on the old Yockey homestead, is a native of Valley township, this county, born April 24, 1874, son of William and Jennie (Myers) Hughes. His grandfather, William Hughes, brought his family to Armstrong county, Pa., from east of the mountains. He worked as engineer at the furnaces, and followed farming in his later days. His children were: George, John, Scott, Barbara, Sarah, Ann, William, Mary and Beck.

William Hughes, son of William, was born in Pennsylvania, east of the mountains. He followed farming until about 1889, when he moved to Ford City, this county, and there passed the remainder of his days. For some time he ran the engine at the Pine Creek furnace. He served four years in the Union army during the Civil war, being a member of Company K, 78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. In politics he was a Republican, took a public-spirited interest in local affairs, and served as school director. He was a Baptist in religions connection. His death occurred at Ford City in 1906, when he was sixty-one years old. Mr. Hughes was married at Pine Creek Furnace, in what is now Rayburn township, to Jennie Myers, who was born east of the mountains in Pennsylvania, and still survives. To this union were born the following children: William, Carl M., Leslie, Irene, Lizzie, Lucy, Albert, Grace, Emma, Elsie, and Effie (who is deceased).

Martin Myers, father of Mrs. Jennie (Myers) Hughes, brought his family to Armstrong county, locating first at Worthington and later above Pine Creek Furnace. He was engaged as a coal burner. He and his wife Elizabeth are both deceased. Their children were: Lizzie, Jennie (Mrs. Hughes), Nellie, James, William, Edward, Harriet, Emma and Becky.

Carl M. Hughes, son of William and Jennie (Myers) Hughes, passed his early life on the home farm. When his father moved to Ford City he found employment in the glass works there, where he was employed for thirteen years. He was married at Ford City, and continued to live there until 1901, when he and his family came to the old Yockey homestead in Rayburn township, upon which place they have since resided. He is engaged in general farming and has been very successful in his work. He is one of the substantial and valuable citizens of his township, is a Prohibitionist in political connection, and a Baptist in religion.

In April, 1898, Mr. Hughes was married at Ford City to Nannie Yockey, who was born April 12, 1873, in Rayburn township, on the farm where her father and grandfather were also born. By this union there are two children: John, born May 5, 1899, and Ruth, born July 1, 1907.

John Yockey, grandfather of Mrs. Hughes, was born on the old farm in Rayburn township, and was a son of John Yockey, who was one of the very early settlers in that part of Armstrong county; one of his brothers was shot and scalped by the Indians, being attacked while at the plow.

Frederick Yockey, father of Mrs. Hughes, was a son of John and Elizabeth Yockey. He was born on the old family place in Rayburn township and there lived and died. During the Civil war he served in the Union army as a member of Company K, 48th Pennsylvania Cavalry. He was a Democrat in politics, and in religion was connected with the Baptist Church. He married Elizabeth Love, who was born in Westmoreland county, Pa., daughter of William and Mary Love, who moved to Armstrong county, where he engaged in milling on the banks of the Cowanshannock in Valley township, spending the remainder of his life there. He ground grain for all the early settlers in that section. Frederick and Elizabeth (Love) Yockey had the following children: Runyan, John, Ezra (who is deceased), Ida (deceased), Minerva, Ella and Nannie (wife of Carl M. Hughes), of Rayburn township.

Source: Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J. H. Beers & Co., 1914
Transcribed January 2012 by Sara Stewart for the Armstrong County Beers Project
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