John Martin Dosch, Sr.


JOHN MARTIN DOSCH, Sr., who has occupied his present home at No. 218 South McKean street, Kittanning, for over fifty years, is a native of Germany, born Nov. 16, 1827. When four years old he was brought by his parents to America. His father dying shortly after the family arrived here, the child was put out among strangers, and thus he never knew the comforts of parental care. He scarcely remembers his father. After being separated from his mother for many years they were reunited in her later life, and she lived with him for a number of years. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Welfer, of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, aged about seventy-eight.

Until he was fifteen years old Mr. Dosch made his home with John McCullough, of Butler county. Then he went to Allegheny, Pa., where he followed his trade, that of potter, for seven years. At the end of that time he came to Kittanning, Armstrong county, which has since been his home. At the time of his marriage, which took place on his birthday, Nov. 16, 1852, he and his wife went to live in a shanty which he built on South McKean street, about opposite whre they now reside. He followed the pottery business there, and later had a shop. Mr. Dosch then began teaming, and built up the transfer business known by his name until his retirement, in 1905. Though he began life under the most adverse circumstances, losing his parents before they could give him any of the advantages of education or other training, Mr. Dosch had made his way and accumulated a competency, and he has had an industrious and upright career which has been a credit to himself and to the community in which he has lived.

On Nov. 16, 1852, Mr. Dosch was united in marriage with Ann Truby, who was born in 1827 in Armstrong county, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Mechling) Truby, pioneers of this section, the latter a sister of Hon. Philip Mechling. Eight children have been born to them, namely:

(1) Wilfred M., who is deceased, married Annie Garvey, and they had one daughter, Mamie, now the wife of Emory Jasper, of Madison, Wis., where they reside; they have one son, Emory, Jr.

(2) Guy Orton, now in Los Angeles, Cal., married Louise Duffy, and they have four children, Edna, Cary, Bess and Guy, Jr.

(3) Cora Lena, deceased, was the wife of Charles Barthold, and had six children, Cora, Althea, William, Charles, Edward and Lousie.

(4) John M., a drayman, who succeeded his father in the transfer business in 1905, married Ora Mains, and they have three children, Madison, Earle and Ray.

(5) George, deceased, was married to Eliza Silvis and six of their children are living, Florence, Calvin, Marion, Freda, Silvia and George.

(6) Harry Edward married Mary Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham, and has three children, Edward, Paul and Theodore.

(7) Albert is engaged in the plumbing business in Kittanning, having his shop on Market street, and is a member of the Elks and Fire Company No. I. He married Hattie Silvis, daughter of William and Helen S. Silvis, and they have one child living, Ruth L.

(8) One child died in infancy.

Mr. and Mrs Dosch are members of the Lutheran Church. In 1858 he built the home which they have ever since occupied.

Source: Pages 542, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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