Levi G Cook


LEVI G. COOK, a prosperous farmer and land owner of Bethel township, Armstrong county, has lived at his present place for the long period of forty-nine years. He was born in this township Oct. 26, 1842, son of Samuel and Margaret (Walker) Cook.

Smith, in his history of Armstrong county, quotes William Findley as saying that Jeremiah Cook, Sr., moved up Crooked creek in 1769. He was the father of Conrad, George and Jeremiah Cook, whose names are on the assessment list of Allegheny township in 1805, and within whose limits "Manor Tract" was then.

Samuel Cook, the father of Levi G. Cook, was a native of Pennsylvania, and was engaged as a boatman on the Allegheny in the early days. He died in 1846, when in his prime. He married Margaret Walker, of Bethel township, who survived him many years, passing away Dec. 17, 1889. They had a family of four children who lived to maturity, two sons and two daughters. Harrison died when a little child.

Levi G. Cook has passed all his active years engaged in agricultural pursuits in his native township. He has been very industrious and thrifty, and in addition to his home place of one hundred acres has acquired another tract of thirty-eight acres, just opposite the tract on which he resides, making 138 acres in his present farm. He is one of the substantial and respected citizens of his community, for his means and position in the world have been gained by his own well-directed energy, and he has lived an upright life which commands the esteem of all who know him. He and Mrs. Cook are members of the Lutheran Church.

On Dec. 25, 1862, Mr. Cook was married to Mary Hileman, one of the family of eight children, six sons and two daughters, born to Solomon and Elizabeth (Schreckengost) Hileman, natives of Kittanning township, Armstrong county. They were Lutherans in religious connection. Mr. Hileman was a farmer. He and his wife were both members of old Armstrong county families, she being a daughter of Benjamin and Susan (Oury) Schreckengost, he a son of Daniel and Lydia (Yount) Hileman, and grandson of Peter Hileman. A long sketch of the Hileman family appears elsewhere in this work. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Levi G. Cook: (1) William, born May 10, 1864, married Ida Gould, and they have four children, Marie, Essie, Virginia and William G. (2) Henry, born March 31, 1866, married Susan Hancock, and has had one daughter, Rose J., who is now a school teacher. (3) Elizabeth, born Feb. 2, 1868, married Howard Mansfield, and they have three children, Gertrude, Jenette and Edison. (4) Luther, born March 4, 1870, married Ida Crook, and they have one son, Kenneth. (5) Elgie, born May 28, 1875, now deceased, was married to Lindsey Patterson. They had no children. (6) Susan Jane, born Nov. 28, 1877, married Charles Riggle, and has three children, Dawson Lee, Odessa M. and Otho.

Source: Page 807, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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