WASHINGTON ROSS CHRISTY, was born in Manor township, Armstrong county, Pa., May 12, 1841, and died in his native county, Oct. 15, 1910. He was a son of John and Sarah (Ross) Christy.

Daniel Christy, the grandfather, was of Irish extraction, while his wife, Rebecca, was of Scotch-Irish descent. He located in Beaver county, Pa., where he followed farming, and was a prominent citizen, serving as county commissioner. His large family grew up to be a credit to him.

John Christy, son of Daniel, was born in Beaver county, Pa., and in 1833 came to Armstrong county, Pa., buying the farm in Manor township now owned by his son Jefferson. He was one of the early settlers here, and had to clear his land and develop the farm, enduring much in the way of privation and hardship until the country became settled. The Christys believed, however, that industry and perseverance conquers all things, and success attended their undertakings. John Christy and his wife were good Christian people, and did much toward the organization of the Appleby Manor Presbyterian Church, in which Mr. Christy was an elder for many years. He was its first ruling elder and clerk.

In 1822 he married Agnes McGregor, by whom he had three children, Jane (wife of John H. Wilson), William and Daniel. In 1820 Mr. Christy married (second) Sarah Ann Ross, of Armstrong county, and seven sons and three daughters were born to this union: George R. and Joseph M., twins; Mary M.; Rebecca A; James, who died in his twenty-sixty year while serving in the Union army, from exhaustion after the seven days' fight in front of Richmond; John C., who was also a Union soldier in the Civil war; Washington R.; Jefferson Reynolds; Amelia B., and Stephen.

Washington Ross Christy attended the district schools and Elders Ridge Academy. During the Civil war, like his brothers, he was a brave and efficient soldier, enlisting July 25, 1863, in Company B, 2n Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and received an honorable discharge Jan. 21, 1864. After his military service was over he returned to the peaceful pursuits of agriculture and became a successful farmer in Manor township. He was interested in the Grange movement and belonged to the local body. He was a consistent and liberal member of the Appleby Manor Presbyterian Church.

On May 23, 1877, Mr. Christy was married to Margaret E. Smith, daughter of John and Eliza Smith, the former of whom was born in Indiana county, Pa., Aug. 17, 1806, and died Feb. 21, 1881; the latter, born Dec. 17, 1817, died Dec. 9, 1886. They were well-known people, Mr. Smith being a substantial farmer of Indiana county. To Mr. and Mrs. Christy five children were born, as follows: Harry S., who died at the age of twelve years; Guy C., who is one of the well known members of the Armstrong county bar; Lida P.; Jessie R., and Robert L.

Source: Pages 636-637 Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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