Daniel Bowser


DANIEL BOWSER, oil producer, of Parkers Landing, was born Aug. 9, 1840, in Washington township, Armstrong Co., Pa, son of Johathan and Matilda (Edwards) Bowser. Philip Bowser was his paternal great-grandfather.

Abraham Bowser, son of Philip, married Mary Edwards, and lived for a period in Bedford County, Pa., but became one of the pioneers of Washington township, this county, where he bought a small farm. This property continued to be his home until his death. He and his wife had children as follows: Valentine; Catherine, who married Leonard Stantz; Elizabeth, who married Stacy King; Jane, who married John Booker; Hapsey, who married John Booker; Hettie, who married Henry Booker; Susannah, who married Henry Booker; Jonathan; Abraham, and John.

Jonathan Bowser, son of Abraham, was by trade a shoemaker, although he was engaged along other lines as well, spending his entire life in Washington township, where he died aged forty-five years. His children were: Daniel; Christina, who married Charles Homburger; Polly, who married William Taylor; Adam, and Albert.

Daniel Bowser was brought up in Washington township, receiving a good common school education. When he was needed in the Civil war he enlisted, Aug. 20, 1862, in Company D, 103d Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and participated in the battles of Kinston, Goldsboro and Plymouth, being taken a prisoner at the latter engagement and sent to Andersonville. There he was kept eleven months, and then paroled. Mr. Bowser received his honorable discharge Aug. 20, 1865, at Alexandria, Va. Coming back home he engaged in farming, and continued thus until 1872, when he settled at Parkers Landing, which has since been his home. During this period he has been engaged in a livery and butchering business, at different times, but now looks after the valuable oil lease of eighty-five acres he owns in Perry township, on which he has two good producing wells, with every indication of more.

On Aug. 18, 1862, Mr. Bowser was married to Mary Ann, daughter of John P. and Elizabeth (Campbell) Davis, of Franklin township. The following children have been born of this marriage: Ola, who married Frank Claypool; Charles; Dalla May, who married George B. Downing; William; Frederick; Emma J., who married Percy Perrine, and Matthew. Mr. Bowser is a member of the Baptist Church. Socially, he belongs to the Ex-prisoners of the Civil War. Politically a Republican, he has served as a councilman of Parker City, and is one of the representative men of his locality.

Source: Page 824, Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present, J.H. Beers & Co., 1914
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