Company I


COMPANY I was recruited in Brookville, Pa., and the townships adjacent thereto, and was composed of a stalwart, noble body of men. Captain S. J. Marlin, who was mainly instrumental in recruiting the company, resigning in 1862, the command devolved upon Captain James Hamilton, who proved a gallant leader until he yielded up his life in the storm of battle. Then Captain Oliver C. Redic commanded the company until promoted to lieutenant-colonel. Captain Henry Galbraith succeeded him, and shared their fortunes until they were finally mustered out, and returned home with what remained of the company after four years of battle, danger; and death. During it's term of service, Company I had enrolled two hundred and two men, fifty-nine of whom were drafted men and substitutes. Two officers of the company were killed, and forty-five enlisted men killed and died - larger number than that of any other company in the regiment.

History of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, page 316


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