Company G


COMPANY G was recruited in Jefferson county, principally from the southwestern townships, and on the day of their departure for the front rendezvoused at Ringgold, where a large crowd had assembled to witness their departure. Speeches were made, and the greatest interest taken. The farmers provided wagons and took them to Kittanning, Pa., then the nearest point at which they could take the cars. This company was composed principally of the sturdy, honest, German yeomen of Jefferson county, and made a good record in the field. They were taken into the service by Captain John A. Freas, who resigned in December, 1861. He was succeed by Captain J. M. Steck, who led them gallantly amid all their dangers until compelled to resign on account of disability. Then Captain John H. Woodward commanded them until his term of service expired in 1864, when the command devolved upon Captain Jacob H. Freas, who shared all their subsequent dangers and was finally mustered out with them. Company G was in every engagement in which the regiment participated except the battle of Fair Oaks, they being detailed to guard a bridge, and were not relieved in time to join their regiment in that battle. The company had enrolled, during its entire term of service, one hundred and eighty-seven men, of whom seventy-three were drafted men and substitutes. They lost, killed and died, thirty-two enlisted men.

History of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, page 304



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