Company D



COMPANY D was recruited in Clearfield and Jefferson counties, and was composed of a hardy, intelligent class of men. Captain John Rose, of Clearfield, who was their first officer, resigning soon after he entered the Service, Captain L. B. Duff became their captain; and, on his being promoted major, Captain I. L. Platt succeeded him, and led them gallantly into all their hard-fought battles until the expiration of his term of enlistment, October 8,1864, when Captain William Kelly, who had risen from the ranks, assumed the command and shared the balance of their dangers and toils, and was finally mustered out with the company.

Company D was in all the battles in which the regiment was engaged, and its record is second to none other in valor, During the entire term of service, Company D had enrolled one hundred and ninety-four men, fifty of whom were drafted men and substitutes. They lost one officer killed and twenty-five enlisted men killed and died.

History of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, page 285



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