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COMPANY C was raised principally in Clarion county, through the instrumentality of Captain C. A. Craig. There were, however, a few men in the company from Clearfield county, six of whom boys in their teens, and whose parents had forbidden their enlisting stole away from a church near Rockton, Clearfield county, one Sunday afternoon, and, walking all the way to Greenville, Clarion county, enlisted with Captain Craig. One of the number, James E. Scofield, who died at Camp Prescott Smith, Va., told the writer that they would have stopped in Brookville and joined Captain Dowling's company, but feared their parents would trace them there, and, knowing something of Captain Craig, they pushed on to Greenville Though young in years, they made excellent soldiers. There was also in Company C several men from the vicinity of Oil City, and Colonel Craig in one of his letters home, June 21, 1864, says

After Captain Craig's promotion, Captain C. E. Patton commanded the company until lie fell in the hand-to-hand conflict at Boydton; then the command devolved upon Captain Joseph B. Brown, who shared all their dangers until their final muster out Company C lost two officers killed and twenty-seven enlisted men killed and died. They have no reason to be ashamed of their record. Company C had enrolled during its entire term of service two hundred and nineteen men; of these forty-three were drafted men and substitutes.

History of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, page 278-279


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