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Clyde William J. 09-Sep-61
Promoted from 1st Sergeant to 2d Lieutenant, Nov 8, 1861; to 1st Lieutenant, Sep 27, 1862; to Capt., Feb 9, 1863. Wounded at Glendale, Va., June 30; at Bull Run, Aug 29; at Fredericksburg, Dec 13, 1862; at Chancellorsville, May 3; at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. Killed at Wilderness, May 6 1874. Buried at Fredericksburg, grave No. 193, Section C.
Hastings John 09-Sep-61 29-Jan-63 Severely wounded in the leg at the Second Bull Run on Aug 29 1862. He was disabled by the wound and was obliged to resign. Discharged on Jan 29 1863, for wounds received at Bull Run, VA., Aug 29 1862.
McKee John H 09-Sep-61 11-Jul-65 Promoted to Corporal, March 1, 1864; to 1st Sergeant, September 1, 1864; to 1st Lieutenant, November 26, 1864; to Captain, June 8, 1865.

First Lieutenant

Mitchell Alexander H. 09-Sep-61 15-Nov-64 Promoted to 1st Sergeant, November 8, 1861; to 1st Lieutenant, March 4, 1864; to Captain, May 7, 1864. Not mustered. Wounded at Spottsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864. Discharged for wounds received near Petersburg, June 16, 1864.
Neel William 09-Sep-61 11-Apr-63 Wounded at Bull Run, Va., August 29, 1862. Promoted to Adjt., September 27, 1862. Not mustered. Discharged on Surgeons certificate.
Wachob James W. 09-Sep-61 11-Jul-65 Wounded at Chancellorsville, Va., May 3, 1863. Promoted to Corporal, Mar 22, 1863; to Sergeant March 1, 1864; to 1st Sergeant, December 1, 1864; to 2d Lieutenant, January 7, 1865; to 1st Lieutenant, June 8, 1865. Mustered out with regiment.

Second Lieutenant

Blose William M. 09-Sep-91 11-Jul-65 Wounded at Mine Run, Va., November 27, 1863. Promoted to Corporal, March 22, 1863; to Sergeant, December 1, 1864; to 1st Sergeant, January 9, 1865; to 2d Lieutenant, June 8, 1865. Muster out with Company.
Brewer Daniel 09-Sep-61 15-Jan-63 Promoted from Sergeant to 2d Lieutenant, September 27, 1862. Discharged on Surgeons certificate.
Morris Moses A. 09-Sep-61 08-Nov-61 Resigned



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